Top Color Trends of 2021

We’re about halfway through 2021 so we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the top color trends from this year so you can make sure your space is on trend.  2020 saw a huge spike in home improvement projects and we were personally thrilled to see more and more homeowners thinking outside of the box when it came to revamping their spaces.  As that urge to nest has carried over into 2021 we’re seeing some really fun and interesting colors being used. From warm earth tones to breezy pastels we’re breaking down 2021 Biggest Color Trends!

Top Paint Colors of 2021 – Soft Blacks

One trend that we’ve really enjoyed is a shift towards softer, more dynamic black paint colors.  Urbane Bronze SW 7048 was Sherwin Williams’ color of the year and this smoky black has a touch of gray and brown which both help to mattify the finished look.  This results in a luxurious and dramatic color perfect for kitchen cabinets, dining rooms, and bathrooms.  If you want something even more brown then consider Black Fox SW 7020 or, for a bit more black, consider Iron Ore SW 7069.  All three of these colors will create a similar effect and help you make a very cool, modern space. 

From left to right; Black Fox 7020, Urbane Bronze 7048, Iron Ore 7069


Top Paint Colors of 2021 – Warm Earth Tones

We’ve come a long way from the blues and grays that were so popular pre-pandemic and it’s a beautiful thing.  Earth tones like terracotta, rust, and golden yellows are warm and welcoming so they’re great interior color options.  We’re particularly loving Canyon Clay SW 6054, Antiquarian Brown SW 0045, Reddened Earth SW 6053, Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026, and Java SW 6090.  If these feel like a lot of color, think again.  With the right furniture and accessories, these colors can all be considered neutrals.  Layer your space with textures and woods to help these colors shine.

From left to right; Canyon Clay SW 6054, Java SW 6090, Reddened Earth SW 6053, Antiquarian Brown SW 0045, Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026


Top Paint Colors of 2021 – Going Green

Green is somewhat of a controversial color in that you either love it or hate it but we’ve got nothing but love for these 70s inspired shades.  If you’re green with envy check out Artichoke SW 6179, Rosemary SW 6187, Basil SW 6194, or Dried Thyme SW 6186 for your next paint project.  You may think you’ve somehow hit the spice cabinet but we can assure you those are all paint colors and great options!  Green is often associated with nature, peace, and calming energy so kick back and relax in “nature”.

From left to right; Artichoke SW 6179, Dried Thyme SW 6186, Basil SW 6194, Rosemary SW 6187


Top Paint Colors of 2021 – Pretty Pastels

Although we’ve seen a lot of deeper colors, if those aren’t your style then maybe these pastels will be right up your alley.  Pastels have been popping up in fashion, tech, and of course, in home décor.  These colors are light, airy, and will make your home feel youthful and relaxed.  To get the pastel look, consider colors like Pink Shadow SW 0070, Softened Green SW 6177, and Niebla Azul SW 9137.  Each of these colors will help you create an airy, open space that is very on-trend.

From left to right; Pink Shadow SW 0070, Niebla Azul SW 9137, Softened Green SW 6177


Most Popular Paint Color of 2021

We’re thrilled to see more color being used and people feeling comfortable trying something new.  Paint is a great way to update your space, bring interest to a room, and have your home reflect who you are.  Consider using these colors throughout your home or bring in a little trendiness with an accent wall or a cabinet project.  Always remember that trends come and go so it’s important that you choose colors you genuinely like, not just colors that are popular.  If you’d like to learn more about the top paint colors for 2021, check out Kind Home Solutions’ breakdown of Benjamin Moore’s Top Colors for 2021!