Who is the Best Painter in Denver?

We have about a decade of experience in the painting industry working with painters and clients so we know what to look for when it comes to finding a great painter.  If you’ve never painted your home before or if it’s been a while, you may not know where to begin.  Painting your home can be a large expense depending on the size of your home, your paint scheme, additional prep work, and even what time of year you’re looking to paint.  Yes,  you want quality and value but what else should you be looking for?  We’re breaking down what we feel makes a great painter and how you can make sure you work with one.

Full disclosure, we’ll be referencing a local paint company that we partner with but you can use these same tips and tricks to find a painter in your area as well!

How do I Find A Reputable House Painter?

There are a lot of lists out there on the internet that boasts The Best 10 Painters in Denver, CO but what does that really mean?  Having an active online presence is key in this day and age but how does a company make it on to one of these Top 10 Best Painters lists? You’ll notice many of these lists are created by reputable sites such as Yelp, the BBB, and Home Advisor so they do somewhat account for review scores and the number of reviews.  That being said, the majority of these lists are pay-to-play.  That means, the companies featured have to pay to be listed as a top painter which can result in a skewed depiction of who is really the top painter in your area.  Oftentimes, when you click the link to view the list it will open up a standard display of many different companies, not just the ones on the list.  This can be confusing and difficult to utilize as a tool when choosing a painter. This just means you should take these lists with a grain of salt.  

Where to See Denver Painter Recommendations

Instead of relying on these pay-to-play lists, we recommend a couple of key sources and tips for choosing your next house painter.  First, when you’re looking online for painters in your area, be sure to look at their review score and the number of reviews.  If you’re looking at a 5 star rated painter but they only have a few reviews, this can mean a couple of things.  They are a newer painter and haven’t built up their clientele, they don’t request reviews from their clients frequently, or their clients aren’t blown away by their service.  If this is the case, it might be worth looking for someone who has a little more of a presence online or doing a deep dive into the company.  Remember, just because a company is young, doesn’t mean they’re bad so you may need to do a little more research if you want to work with a newer Denver painter.

If you want to see who your neighbors are working with, ask your prospective painter for addresses near you or get on a neighborhood app like Nextdoor and see who people are working with.  This is great because it allows you to get real referrals from people right in your area who have had an authentic experience.  Online presence is fantastic and you absolutely want your painter to be online on a variety of sites but you also don’t get much better than an authentic referral from a neighbor, friend, or family member. 

Is A Professional Painters Worth It?

We get asked all the time whether hiring a professional painter is worth it.  In short, we say yes.  With the improvement in paint technology and the availability to rent equipment, DIYing your project is a great option but generally speaking, the average person will have a hard time getting that professional finished paint look.  This has a lot to do with the level of experience, high-quality equipment, and craftsmanship that comes with a professional painter.  There’s also the question of your time and how valuable it is to you.  Professional painters should be able to knock out a painting project significantly faster than you’ll be able to because they have a team of people and dedicated systems in place.

After purchasing materials and rentals you’ll typically save a small amount of money by painting yourself but when you factor in the time spent researching, watching how-to videos, and then, of course, the actual prep and painting you may see your “costs” go through the roof.  For most people, life is really busy and you may just want your project completed as soon as possible. There’s also the added benefit of a professional warranty (be sure to ALWAYS read the fine print!) so take that into account as you consider finding a professional paint contractor.

Consider the Degree of Difficulty

We’ve all started a project only to find ourselves in way over our heads.  This can happen a lot with house painting.  Whether you’re painting the interior or the exterior of your home, you need to consider the level of difficulty concerning the project.  For example, repainting the full interior of a home can take a single person about 7-14 days to complete!  That’s a long time to have paper, tape, plastic, and paint all over your home.  

A lot of Denver homes have a very high degree of difficulty thanks to their multiple colors, decorative elements, and steeply pitched roofs.  What looks like a weekend warrior job can quickly get out of hand and you’ll notice all of those mistakes or missteps after your project is complete.  A top-rated Denver house painter, with experience working on your style of home, can make the process far less stressful.  Again, make sure you ask to see real pictures of their work or get some addresses that you can drive by to confirm the quality. 

Who is a Good Painter?

We truly value the client experience so we want to do everything we can to set our clients up for success. So, we always recommend our sister company, Kind Home Solutions to our clients looking for great value and unmatched customer service.  Painting is a huge industry with a very low point of entry which means you can find a wide variety of painters making all kinds of promises.  At the end of the day though, not a single painter can promise that there won’t be any issues.  Not a single one. When you’re working on a home, anything can happen so you don’t want the painter that promises perfection.  You want the painter that you can trust to be there when something does go wrong.  

This is what we find so special about Kind Home Solutions and why we feel comfortable recommending them to clients.  They are the kind of people who don’t run away from a problem.  They stand up and do what it takes to find fair and reasonable solutions so that you and your home are taken care of.  That’s something that is hard to come by in an industry plagued with complaints.  Make sure your painter is trustworthy and stands behind their product.  You can do this by asking for references who have been through the warranty process or just ask a little more about what a warranty claim looks like.  Don’t be afraid to ask what happens after the paint job is complete or what to do if something goes wrong.  There should always be a point of contact and a commitment to your satisfaction.