Top Recommended Cabinet Colors

I have been dying to write this article because I am so excited to share with you our favorite and top recommended cabinet paint colors.  Colored cabinets are so on-trend right now and it’s such an easy way to give your kitchen a facelift.  As we know, choosing the right cabinet color can be tricky and we like to make things easy for our clients.  So, we are diving into our absolute best Sherwin Williams cabinet colors and how they can work in your space!


Kitchen cabinets with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Best Black Cabinet Color – Iron Ore SW 7069

In 2020, we began to see a big shift from white cabinets to darker, more dramatic cabinet colors.  Black has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to add depth and edge to their kitchen cabinets.  For a lot of clients, they’re turning towards traditional black options like Tricorn Black but we absolutely love Iron Ore.  Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams is a really interesting take on black because it has a little bit of brown in it.  This ends up creating a beautiful effect where the color almost looks matte and it provides a more dynamic color than a traditional black.  Iron Ore gives you a modern and sophisticated take on this trend without everything ending up too dark or flat so we absolutely love this option!


Kitchen Cabinets Painted with Sherwin Williams Naval

Best Navy Cabinet Color – Naval SW 6244

Navy has been massively popular over the last few years and that’s especially true with navy cabinets.  We see clients go for a navy cabinet color when they want to achieve the two-toned look.  This is where you paint your lower cabinets a different color than your upper cabinets or your island cabinets a different color from your main cabinets. It all works to create a focal point within your kitchen and navy is a classic and timeless option.  Our most recommended navy is Naval from Sherwin Williams because it’s a true, deep navy with the perfect amount of pop to it.  You can also check out our full deep dive into our favorite navy paint colors right here.


Kitchen cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams Whilpool

Best Blue Cabinet Color – Whirlpool SW 9135

This might just be one of our favorite blues in general so we had to mention Whirlpool.  Whirlpool is a gorgeous medium blue so it’s a great option if you want to create a little visual interest but you don’t love the look of darker colors like those mentioned above.  Whirlpool is really versatile and we love it for a two-toned look or as a way to highlight your kitchen island. The little bit of gray in Whirlpool helps to ground the color so it won’t look overly vibrant or childish.  Instead, you’ll get a relaxing, breezy color that makes your kitchen feel open and airy.


Kitchen cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams Rosemary

Best Green Cabinet Color – Rosemary SW 6187

If you’ve been watching the color trends then you already know how popular green has become in 2021.  Green is commonly associated with nature and peace so it’s no surprise that it’s making its way into more and more homes.  Green can feel outdated (think avocado green 70s kitchens) so it’s important to pick the best green cabinet color that will suit your space.  There are a lot of green options but we find ourselves turning to Rosemary more often than not for its depth and richness.  This green isn’t too saturated so it feels very earthy and neutral compared to brighter options.  If you have white countertops, Rosemary can look especially beautiful so it’s worth considering this one as an option!


Kitchen cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams Gray Matters

Best Gray Cabinet Color – Gray Matters SW 7066

We have seen gray fall out of favor with clients over the last year or so in lieu of more interesting color options but we had to include this one on our list.  Gray Matters from Sherwin Williams is a classic and it’s fairly neutral which is what a lot of people are looking for in a gray.  Gray Matters is one of the lightest colors on this list so if you want a cabinet color that’s modern, neutral, and light then this could be one you should consider.


Kitchen cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams poised taupe

Best Taupe Cabinet Color – Poised Taupe SW 6039

We’ve looked at a lot of cooler colors but what about warm cabinet colors?  Outside of stained wood cabinets, you don’t see warmer colors used on cabinets too often but they can be absolutely beautiful.  Rather than really intense colors like reds or yellows, we love to recommend a taupe color option.  Taupes are generally beiges with a bit of black added to them to darken the color and are often described as “warm gray”.  Poised Taupe is one of our favorites because it’s a sophisticated neutral.  It’s more interesting and dynamic than gray but it’s not as bold as some other options like blue.  This makes it versatile and relaxing which is why it’s our favorite warm cabinet color.


Kitchen Cabinets painted with Rocky River from Sherwin Williams

Best Teal Cabinet Color – Rocky River SW 6215

Teal is another cabinet color that’s been gaining popularity.  It’s interesting, fun, and very likely that your neighbor’s kitchen won’t look the same as yours. Rocky River is a great blue-green option that isn’t too blue or too green.  Colors like this, which have layers to their coloring, can be very visually appealing.  Think of it like candy for your eyes and Rocky River doesn’t disappoint.  Similar to the green and blue options above, this color is great when contrasted with white.  That can be your backsplash, your countertops, or even the walls.  The contrast will help the color pop so it’s a great option for lower cabinets or kitchen islands.


Kitchen cabinets painted with Pure White

Best White Cabinet Color – Pure White SW 7005 and Greek Villa SW 7551

White very well might be the most popular cabinet color and for good reason.  White is versatile, bright, light, and makes a space feel more open.  Choosing the best white cabinet color can be difficult once you see all of the white options you have.  We always advise keeping things simple when it comes to white and limiting your options because a lot of the time, you won’t be able to see a huge difference between the different white colors. For this reason, we usually end up recommending Pure White or Greek Villa for cabinetry.  Pure White is a classic bright white so it’s great if you’re looking for a crisp, traditional white-white.  Greek Villa has a little bit of warmth to it so it can feel a little less harsh than Pure White.  This makes it great for complementing other colors and making your kitchen feel warm and inviting.


Kitchen cabinets painted with greek villa

Most Popular Cabinet Colors

At the end of the day, paint colors are an expression of who you are and the space you want to create.  These are merely recommendations but you should always follow your instincts and choose colors that you love.  Painting your cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen and add value to your home so think about what style and color options will work best for you and your space.  If you’re still not sure what would work best then consider purchasing some samples or book an appointment with a local color consultant for additional support. For more information about the process for painting cabinets check out this great article from Kind Home Solutions!