Testing Paint Colors with Samplize


We always, always recommend testing your paint colors before you commit to painting projects and Samplize is a new and innovative way of doing so.  Testing your paint colors is important so we’ll be walking you through how to use Samplize samples step by step and we’ll see how they compare to traditional paint swatches.  Projects await, so let’s get into it!


What is Samplize?


Samplize is a company that uses genuine manufacturer paint to create peel and stick samples that you can use at home.  This is pretty groundbreaking because you only really had traditional paint on samples or a printed paint swatch to test with.  The problem with printed paint swatches, like the little cards you pick up for free from the store, is that they aren’t really paint.  Those cards are actually composed of printed color on glossy paper which can be a bit misleading when you’re comparing colors.  Samplize hopes to make testing easier for clients and more environmentally friendly which we love!

Samplize comparison of Only Natural and Moderate White

Samplize comparison of Only Natural and Moderate White

4 Steps for Testing Colors with Samplize


  1. Purchase Your Samples.

    One great thing about Samplize is that you can purchase your samples right online.  Just go to the Samplize website, go to shop, and then use the search bar to locate the colors you’d like to try out in your space.  You can also browse by Manufacturer and, if you sign up for their emails you’ll receive lists of their most popular colors!  Once you check out, the samples will be shipped directly to your door in about 1-3 business days. 


  2. Unbox Your Samples ASAP

    Once your samples arrive you want to unbox them as soon as possible.  Since they use real paint, if you leave them in their package too long they can stick together and ruin some of the samples.  There will be wax paper between each sample and you should save this for future storage.


  3. Peel + Stick

    When you’re ready to review your samples, all you have to do is peel off the backer and stick it on to the wall.  We do recommend you place your samples at eye level and near a door frame if possible.  This will allow you to see the true color more easily and help you visualize the color throughout the space.


  4. Review the Color

    Now that you’ve applied your samples, you’ll want to view the samples throughout the day and evening so you can see the colors under different lighting.  It’s a good idea to consider what time of day you usually use that space or room and make sure to view the color at that time.  You can also change your light bulbs to impact the color of the paint by switching out warmer or cooler bulbs. 


Is Samplize Better Than Real Paint Swatches?


So, the real question here is; is testing paint samples with Samplize better than using real paint?  They each have their pros and cons so let’s break it down.


Pros and Cons of Samplize Samples:

  • Samplize Pros –

    • Environmentally friendly with less waste
    • Peel and stick reusable samples
    • Made with real paint 
    • Relatively inexpensive
  • Samplize Cons –

    • You have to wait for them to be shipped to you
    • They are designed for interior use and only use interior paint 
    • They don’t have every single color available from all brands


Pros and Cons of Traditional Paint Samples:

  • Traditional Paint Sample Pros –

    • You can typically get samples ASAP from a local store
    • You can access all colors for that brand
    • You’re not limited to one sheet of the color and can do multiple swatches
    • You can purchase a sample in your exact product
  • Traditional Paint Sample Cons –

    • Samples can be messy and you need additional tools
    • Samples cost a bit more than the Samplize samples
    • You then have to dispose of or store a test quart
    • The paint store may not always have what you need in stock 


Due to the recent materials shortages, we’ve been using Samplize more and more and we and our clients love it.  Traditional paint samples are fantastic if you need to make a quick decision about colors and you can’t wait for shipping but we think Samplize samples are a wonderful alternative.  Want to see these samples in action? Head over to our Instagram page for a video tutorial and more tips!