Best Paint Colors for Red Brick


Choosing paint colors that pair with red brick can be a huge pain.  If you’re a homeowner and you’re struggling to find colors that coordinate with red brick then you’re in the right place.  The truth is, most of our clients approach finding a paint color with a sense of scarcity.  They’re approaching it as if there is only one specific set of perfect colors that will work for them.  The good news is that this just isn’t the case.  Red brick is a beautiful architectural feature of your home and there are so many paint colors that help to enhance red brick.  As with any painting project there are several factors you’ll want to consider when choosing colors but today we’re keeping it simple.  You see, we have a little hack for pairing paint colors with red brick and we’re ready to share it with you.


Siding Colors for Red Brick - Acier, Rushing River, Retreat, Granite Peak, Dovetail, Jogging Path, Row House Tan

From left to right; Acier, Rushing River, Retreat, Granite Peak, Dovetail, Jogging Path, Row House Tan

Siding Colors with Red Brick


For a lot of clients the body color takes up a large amount of their home. This means it’s really important to choose a great color for your siding because the other colors will be selected and built upon that foundational color.  It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by color options so we’re giving you a very limited number of options to choose from.  Each of these colors has been tested and proven to complement red brick so these are absolutely our go to paint colors for red brick. 


The trick to choosing a great paint color that will complement red brick is to make sure you’re choosing a muted tone.  When saturated colors are paired with red brick they tend to come across too bright, pigmented, and playful which doesn’t blend with the earthy finish of brick.  Some of our favorite colors to pair with red brick are Jogging Path SW 7638, Row House Tan SW 7689, Granite Peak SW 6250, Retreat SW 6207, Acier SW 9170, Dovetail SW 7018, and Rushing River SW 7746.  You can see that all of these colors are muted and earthy which makes them perfect options for red brick.  One thing that can also help as you decide on your body color is to consider how large your home is.  If you have a very large home then some of the darker colors like Dovetail can be overwhelming.  If this is the case we recommend going with a lighter body color or getting some mockups done so you can see the difference. 


Best trim colors for red brick - alabaster, dover white, nacre.

Form left to right; Alabaster, Dover White, Nacre

Best Trim Color for Red Brick


We said we’d be keeping it simple and that’s why we have only two trim colors for you today.  We most often see clients go with a white trim with their red brick because a white trim will help the brick pop.  Remember, your brick is an architectural feature that we’re focused on enhancing and highlighting so that contrast is like candy for your eyes.  The key to choosing a white trim to go with red brick is that you want to choose something that has a warm, slightly yellow undertone.  This allows you to have both a dynamic contrast and complementary tones.  


Our absolute favorite trim for red brick is Alabaster SW 7008 from Sherwin Williams.  It’s about as bright as we would go on a house with red brick but it has just enough warmth in it to pair with the brick.  If you have very minimal brick on your home, you can also use Alabaster as a beautiful body color to get a bit of the modern farmhouse look.  A very close second would be Dover White SW 6385 or Nacre SW 6154. Now that you have your body and trim color, it’s time to finish strong with a great accent color!


Best Accent colors for Red Brick - Tricorn Black, Iron Ore, Naval, Indigo Batik, Quietude, Copen Blue, Sea Salt, Alabaster, Carriage Door, Borelo

From left to right; Tricorn Black, Iron Ore, Naval, Indigo Batik, Quietude, Copen Blue, Sea Salt, Alabaster, Carriage Door, Borelo

Popular Accent Colors for Red Brick


You are almost there but we may still need to choose an accent color for you.  For most clients, the accent color is used on the front door and shutters but in some cases you may want to choose one color for your shutters and one for your door.  Talk to your paint professional or try a mockup to see which suits your home.  There are a few accent colors that get chosen by clients constantly and that look incredible with red brick and they can be broken into two categories; dark and light.  On the darker side, we have navies and blacks like Iron Ore SW 7069, Tricorn Black SW 6258, Indigo Batik SW 7602 and Naval SW 6244.  On the lighter side we have playful colors like Quietude SW 6212, Copen Blue SW 0068, Sea Salt SW 6204, or even Alabaster SW 7008 (yes, Alabaster is doing the most here)!  Some people think you can’t do a red front door with red brick but you absolutely can.  Red is actually the most popular front door color so if you love the hue we recommend something like Bolero SW 7600 or Carriage Door SW 7594.


Color Schemes for Red Brick Houses


Now that you’ve chosen a few colors that have caught your eye you just need to put them all together and test them out!  We always recommend testing your paint colors prior to painting because it saves you a lot of time, money, and frustration so pick some samples up or order some samples online. Keep in mind that this is a very limited selection of colors we’ve chosen to simplify pairing paint with red brick.  If these colors don’t feel like the right fit for your home, check out this great article that highlights even more great color options for red brick homes. If you’d like to see more of our color schemes and tips then be sure to follow us on Pinterest where we post weekly!