Choosing A Paint Color for Blonde Brick

If you’ve got blonde or yellow brick on your home, finding a complementary paint color can feel like a daunting task.  Elements like brick or stone can make choosing a paint color even more stressful because there’s a concern about whether or not the colors “go” together.  Blonde or yellow brick can be one of the most challenging brick colors to complement so we wanted to remove some of the struggles and share our favorite paint colors that go with yellow brick. Keep reading for more!


Naval from Sherwin Williams with yellow brick

Naval from Sherwin Williams




This isn’t our first time recommending Naval SW 6244 and most likely, it won’t be our last.  We love Naval for both exteriors and interiors and it’s a great option to pair with blonde brick.  Using a color like Naval will help give your home a bold new look by creating a nice contrast.  When done well, this can create an interesting and modern look that will absolutely leave your home feeling refreshed.

Peace Yellow from Sherwin Williams with blonde brick

Peace Yellow from Sherwin Williams

Peace Yellow


If you like the color of your yellow brick then you might want to try to “match” the color in paint.  Brick is often multidimensional so there won’t be one perfect color that’s an exact match but you can pull a color out from within your brick.  This can be light or dark and have varying undertones from yellow to brown.  We love a color like Peace Yellow SW 2857 for a blonde brick with more of a true yellow undertone. For this option though, you’ll really need to spend some time with a color deck and your brick to find the right shade for your home.

Honed Soapstone from Sherwin Williams with blonde brick

Honed Soapstone from Sherwin Williams

Honed Soapstone


Green has been a really big color trend for 2021 and we’ll continue to see earthy tones as we move into 2022.  Because of this, we had to include a green option for you.  You’ll notice that Honed Soapstone SW 6172 is heavily muted with gray which helps to ground the color and make it feel more timeless than a more saturated green.  Green is right next to yellow on the color wheel which means these two colors will pair nicely together for a cohesive look.

Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams with light brick

Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams

Westhighland White


Sometimes less is more and rather than contrast your brick with a color you can play it safe with a nice, creamy white.  We love options like Westhighland White SW 7566 or Creamy SW 7012 because they have a nice warmth to them but they won’t compete with brick itself.  You can also use these as trim color options in lieu of stark white trim colors that can feel harsh against the warmth of the brick. 

Chatura Gray from Sherwin Williams with yellow brick

Chatura Gray from Sherwin Williams

Chatura Gray 


Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel which means they are complementary colors but we can’t really recommend that you paint your home purple so here is the next best thing.  Chatura Gray SW 9169 is a gray with a fair amount of brown in it.  This helps to warm the color up and brings it into the greige or taupe family.  The brown creates a slightly purple undertone which will really complement the blonde brick.  If your brick is a bit lighter try something like Versatile Gray SW 6072 instead so as to keep things cohesive and harmonious. 

Acier by Sherwin Williams with yellow brick

Acier by Sherwin Williams

When in Doubt, Match the Mortar


If you’re not sold on any of the colors we’ve mentioned there is a foolproof way to pick a color that will complement any color of brick.  All you have to do is choose a paint color that matches the mortar of the brick.  Mortar is the material between each brick, similar to grout.  Choosing a paint color that is similar to the mortar will help draw attention away from the brick and leave you with a harmonious final look.  This method typically results in a warm gray like Acier SW 9170 or Mindful Gray SW 7016.  We love this trick if you’re really struggling with choosing a color so don’t hesitate to give it a try!  


The Best Paint Colors to Pair with Yellow Brick


As you can see, blonde brick isn’t as limited as you may have thought.  You have the same options as most other homes if you can find the right undertone to keep things balanced.  We do recommend toning your colors down by adding gray or brown or stick with colors that feature warmer undertones.  As always, be sure to grab samples online or in-store before committing to a color!  For colors that pair with red brick check out this article for inspiration.