Our Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors


We actually love choosing a paint color for a bathroom because it can be a great opportunity to step outside of a client’s comfort zone.  Since bathrooms are typically so much smaller than a bedroom or large open space, the variety of colors available really opens up.  Finding the right paint color can transform your bathroom.  With paint, you can create an energizing, fun statement or a calming escape.  Here we’re breaking down our top ten favorite bathroom colors.


From left to right; Rookwood Amber, Origami White, Colonnade Gay, Truly Taupe, and Veiled Violet

From left to right; Rookwood Amber, Origami White, Colonnade Gay, Truly Taupe, and Veiled Violet

Veiled Violet SW 6268


This lovely lilac color is absolutely perfect for a bathroom.  Veiled Violet SW 6268 works really well with bathrooms that feature a lot of white or brown towns.  This color can feel really sophisticated and romantic or youthful and fun depending on what kind of decor you pair it with.  If this color feels a bit too purple then check out Truly Taupe below. 


Rock Garden SW 6195


If you are looking for a color that can bring a little drama then look no further than Rock Garden SW 6195.  We are predicting that these rich jewel tones will be a huge trend in the coming years and a bathroom is a great place to utilize a darker color like this.  The nice thing about this color is that it can really work with both warm or cool-toned features within the space.   


Oyster Bay SW 6206


A lot of clients are looking to create a calming, spa-like atmosphere with their bathroom.   If that’s your goal then a blue or green paint might be a great way to go.  We particularly like Oyster Bay SW 6206 because it’s got a bit of gray in it which helps to tone the color down and makes it easier on the eyes.  This color is also nice and light which is perfect for helping smaller bathrooms feel larger.


Naval SW 6244


This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Naval SW 6244 but it’s such a classic that we had to include it here.  Similar to Rock Garden this is a deep, rich, and dramatic color that is timeless and beloved.  Naval is one of our favorite navy paints of all time and we love to see it used both inside and outside of the home.  Again, this goes so well with many different finishes.  You can pair it with gold or silver hardware for a customized look.


Rookwood Amber SW 2817


If you’ve spent any time on social media lately then you’ve probably seen this kind of color popping up everywhere.  Earth tones are all the rage and this golden orange-yellow has been particularly popular.  There are quite a few options similar to Rookwood Amber SW 2817 so you can really find a color that suits your needs.  We love this paint color paired with white and black accents. 


From left to right; Rock Garden, Naval, Stardew, Contented, Oyster Bay

From left to right; Rock Garden, Naval, Stardew, Contented, Oyster Bay

Origami White SW 7636


Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple.  If you’re hoping to create an open and airy space then you should definitely consider Origami White SW 7636 for your wall color.  This is a beautiful neutral white that isn’t too warm or cool.  It has just enough depth and color in it to avoid feeling flat.  We tend to prefer this to a really harsh white that could end up looking cheap.


Colonnade Gray SW 7641


Another great neutral option is Colonnade Gray SW 7641.  This is a very popular warm gray that works very well with both cool and warm-toned accents.  We like this in lieu of a more traditional gray because the added warmth adds a nice softness.  If you’re not that comfortable with color or you want something that feels a little toned down, consider this color for your next project!


Contented SW 6191


Here we have another light green option.  Contented SW 6191 doesn’t have quite as much gray as Oyster Bay and it’s a bit lighter so it can really help open up your space.  Again, green has been a really popular color this season and we think it will stick around so if it’s one of your favorite hues give this one a go!


Stardew SW 9138


Blue is the most common favorite color on the planet so we had to include this beautiful option with Stardew SW 9138.  This is a gorgeous light blue with a slightly gray undertone.  This undertone just helps the color feel a bit more grown-up and keeps it from appearing too vibrant.  It pairs really well silver and cooler-toned accessories and furnishes. 


Truly Taupe SW 6038


Last but not least on our list of top bathroom paint colors we have Truly Taupe SW 6038.  We love this dynamic color because it’s a blend of brown and gray in the best way.  This is a great warm color that can complement both warm or cool countertops.  This is a little more mature than Veiled Violet and can be used to suit many different decorating styles.  

As you can see, there are so many different options for painting your bathroom.  If you’re struggling to choose the right color we suggest you think about what kind of feeling you want your space to have.  Are you looking for something vibrant and energizing or something a little more calm and relaxed?  Once you have a direction, you can begin narrowing down color choices and options to best suit your needs.  We hope this has helped and for more color inspiration be sure to follow us on Pinterest!