Sherwin Williams MODE vs Benjamin Moore 2022 Color Trends


It’s that time of year again!  Paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have released their predictions for 2022’s color trends and we’re ready to judge them…harshly.  This year we saw a huge departure from the grays and blues that had dominated color schemes in lieu of warmer more earthy tones and it looks like 2022 will continue that trend.  Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams feature a heavy focus on greens, earth tones, and romantic pastels.  Today we’ll be comparing Benjamin Moore’s top 14 2022 color trends to the robust list of 40 colors Sherwin Williams has released.


2022 Color of the Year


Each year, these two paint companies both select a “color of the year” as the featured color within the color trend palette.  What’s interesting about the 2022 colors of the year is that they are shockingly similar.  Both brands have chosen a light green but which is better?  Let’s take a look and compare!


evergreen fog is preferred over october mist

Evergreen Fog vs October Mist

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog SW 9130


Greens have been a huge color trend lately both inside and outside the home.  Evergreen Fog from Sherwin Williams is an absolutely beautiful light green with a grounded gray undertone.  The gray helps take some of the saturation out of the color which helps it feel more timeless and sophisticated.  This color is incredibly versatile and can work in a variety of spaces and surfaces while creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere.  Because of this we love to see this color used in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even on the exterior of the home.  We were thrilled to see this color selected for the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year and we’re excited to see it have its moment in the sun!


Benjamin Moore October Mist 1495


You’ll notice quickly that the Benjamin Moore color of the year is quite similar to Sherwin Williams.  October Mist is another light green with a slightly gray undertone.  In contrast though, October Mist is not quite as gray and has a little more yellow in it than Evergreen Fog.  This is a beautiful color that is also great for creating a serene space but we’ve found that it’s not quite as versatile as Evergreen Fog.  Green has always been a fairly polarizing color that clients either love or hate and we’re predicting that people might be a little more comfortable with Evergreen Fog since it’s slightly more grounded and versatile within different spaces. 


Best Yellow for 2022


Yellow was another color, similar to green, that saw a huge increase in popularity over the last year.  We believe this was largely driven by the emotional challenges of the pandemic and people wanting to bring “happy” colors into their home.  It looks like both companies agree that the yellow color trend will continue into 2022 so let’s see which yellow you should go for!


Peace Yellow is preferred over Pale Moon

Peace Yellow vs Pale Moon

Pale Moon OC-108 vs Peace Yellow SW 2857


From Benjamin Moore we have Pale Moon, a very light pastel yellow that is buttery and soft.  This is a very warm color that will appear very welcoming and traditional within your home while bringing a subtle pop of color.  A warning with Pale Moon; it cannot be made in an exterior paint product so this should really only be considered for an interior project.  For more information about exterior yellows check out this post from Kind Home Solutions.  


Sherwin Williams has selected Peace Yellow, a color we’re very familiar with. As you can see, Peace Yellow is a deeper, more saturated shade of yellow when compared with Pale Moon.  This means the color will be more vibrant and bold so it may not be ideal for some interior spaces.  The great thing about Peace Yellow is you can use this color on the exterior of your home which is where we’ve seen many clients choose to go yellow.  Exterior yellows can be very tricky so Peace Yellow is a great find if you’d like to bring a playful aspect to your home!  These two are very difficult to compare so we have to say that Pale Moon would win as an interior color and Peace Yellow would be better on the exterior. So, it’s a draw!


Best Purple for 2022


Interestingly enough, both lists also featured a light purple or lavender shade.  Lavender is a great color option for a child’s room, bathroom, or primary bedroom because it can either be playful and youthful or calming and relaxed depending on how you style it.  


Hint of Violet is preferred over Lite Lavender

Lite Lavender vs Hint of Violet

Hint of Violet 2114-60 vs Lite Lavender SW 6554


Let’s begin with Lite Lavender from Sherwin Williams.  This is a very light, almost white, purple that is soft and subtle.  A color like this would do very well in a well-lit room especially when paired with white, gray, and silver.  This is a very true lavender with a very cool undertone so we really like this one for a kids’ bedroom to keep things fun and playful.  


Hint of Violet appears to be much warmer than Lite Lavender thanks to its slight red undertone.  This also has a little more gray in it which is great because it helps the color feel more grounded and mature.  Thanks to the complexities of this purple it makes it a bit more versatile and grown-up.  We really love this for a primary bedroom or bathroom and because of its more sophisticated and timeless color we have to pick this over Lite Lavender. 


Best Dark Color for 2022


We love to see clients go for a dark and dramatic color to create a focal point within their space.  Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams chose to include a deep, dark gray within their lists so we’ll be comparing the two colors to see which you should consider for your next project.


Mysterious is preferred over Iron Ore

Mysterious vs Iron Ore


Mysterious AF 565 vs Iron Ore SW 7069


Iron Ore was exceedingly popular amongst our clients throughout 2021 so we’re glad to see it continue into 2022 (nothing like painting your home just for your color to go out of style – eek!).  Iron Ore is a color that we’re happy to admit we’re a little biased towards.  We absolutely love this color on both interiors and exteriors and we’d describe it as a soft black with a gray-brown undertone.  This undertone is key because it helps the color feel less harsh than a true black and it makes it more dynamic within a space.  Regardless of the sheen, the gray within the color almost gives the appearance of the paint looking matte which makes it a very modern black.


Mysterious was a color we haven’t personally used but we were really excited to see it on the list.  At first glance, it’s a little difficult to pin down exactly what color it is which might make it really dynamic and fun within a space.  Benjamin Moore describes the color as a “denim blue that can read as a black paint color or a rich navy”.  It sounds like Mysterious lives up to its name and could be interpreted as a different color depending on who’s looking at it. Although we’ve been absolutely obsessed with Iron Ore I think it’s safe to say we are really looking forward to seeing Mysterious in action!


Best Red Paint for 2022


If red is your favorite color then you’re in luck because both lists feature a version of red that is very on-trend right now.  We really like these “reds” because they’re both much softer and less saturated than a traditional red which makes them easier on the eyes and will allow you to play around with them a bit more.


Wild Flower is preferred over Rose Tan

Wild Flower vs Rose Tan


Wild Flower 2090-40 vs Rose Tan SW 0069


From Benjamin Moore we have Wild Flower.  This is a beautiful red that is dusted with a touch of pink and orange.  We like this because it’s a little more playful and colorful than a normal terracotta color and think it would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.  This could also make for a very fun dining room space when paired with gold accents.  This is a medium shade so make sure your space is well lit and combine it with a crisp white trim to create sharp lines. 


In comparison, Sherwin Wiliams chose Rose Tan for their 2022 color collection.  This is very on-trend for the coming season because it could almost be considered a deep beige.  This red is much more toned down than Wild Flower so it won’t be quite as vibrant but if you want a pinky-peach color that is soft and romantic this is a great option.  Since this is less saturated it’s a little more versatile than Wild Flower so you could use it within an open floor plan.  Out of the two, we have to side with Benjamin Moore because Wild Flower is just so punchy and vibrant and we’re really excited to see some of these more saturated colors used.


Comparing Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore


Overall, it was really challenging to compare the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2022.  Benjamin Moore only chose fourteen shades for the coming season while Sherwin Williams has a whopping forty!  Although Benjamin Moore did edge out Sherwin Williams on some of the colors we reviewed here, we feel that we’d be more likely to turn to the Sherwin Williams colors more frequently because of the variety and options available.  A lot of the pastels featured in the Benjamin Moore color trends just weren’t doing it for us but we’re excited to see what clients end up gravitating towards.  Be sure to check out both color trend lists, follow us on Pinterest for more ideas, and keep an eye out for our post outlining our least favorite 2022 color trends!