Most Popular Paint Colors for 2022

Things are finally warming up here in Denver so we felt inspired to share our top paint colors for 2022 so far.  The exterior painting season is just beginning in Colorado but we’ve already been hard at work helping clients find the paint colors of their dreams.  This year we’ve seen a pretty big shift in the hues people are gravitating towards so we’ve broken down our most popular paint colors this spring.  We hope they help inspire your next project!


Best Gray and White Paint Colors

Gauntlet Gray, Repose Gray, Pure White from Sherwin Williams

Warm Grays and Classic White Colors

You may have heard that gray is out as far as paint colors are concerned but that’s not entirely true.  What we have been seeing this year is a shift away from cooler, blue-toned grays in lieu of warmer grays.  Warmer undertones are more welcoming and generally make a space feel cozier than cooler tones.  Repose Gray and Gauntlet Gray from Sherwin Williams are both great examples of warm grays that feel really balanced and modern.  One trend that has not changed is the popularity of Pure White.  This crisp, clean white offers great coverage and is great for baseboards and ceilings.

Best Green Paint Colors

Rosemary, Escape Gray, Creamy from Sherwin Williams

Green and Cream Paint Colors

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have selected shades of green as their “colors of the year” so it’s no surprise that more and more clients are turning to this nature-inspired hue.  Colors like Rosemary and Escape Gray have been extremely popular with clients lately and the reason they work so well is because of their gray undertone.  If you’ve been with us for a while then you know we love a little bit of gray in most colors because gray helps tone down and ground a color.  This means colors look less saturated and a little more timeless.  


Best Red and Yellow Paint Colors

Rookwood Red, Renwick Rose Beige, Peace Yellow from Sherwin Williams

Popular Warm Earth Tones

Earth tones, including the revival of beige, started creeping in at the end of 2022.  This is great news for our Colorado clients since so many neighborhoods require earth-toned color schemes.  You’ll probably be seeing more beiges that have a little more of a rust undertone along with deep, rich red doors and punchy yellow siding.  There are a couple of words of caution here though! 

Red and yellow tend to give off a very fast food vibe so we don’t really recommend using those two colors together in a scheme. Yellow can also be very difficult on exteriors as it can be challenging to mix yellow colors in certain paints so be sure to check with your local store before going all in. Peace Yellow from Sherwin Williams is one of the few yellows that can work on exteriors and interiors in all of their product ranges so it’s the one we go for most often.  Finally, we typically don’t recommend red on shutters unless it’s a very muted red with a lot of brown or purple in it.  Reds that are bold and saturated can look a bit cartoonish on shutters.


Best Neutral Paint Colors

Bunglehouse Gray, Iron Ore, Natural Linen from Sherwin Williams

Trending Modern Neutrals

Neutrals are always a safe way to go, especially if you’re not incredibly comfortable choosing paint colors.  We are loving Bunglehouse Gray from the historical collection at Sherwin Williams. This is a green-gray that has a slightly putty color to it.  It’s warm and unique so we’re hoping we see a lot more people try it out this year.  You can create a very interesting scheme by pairing it with Natural Linen on the trim and do your doors and shutters in Iron Ore to pull the whole palette together.


Best Blue Paint Colors in 2022

Marea Baja, Waterloo, Tradewind from Sherwin Williams

The Best Serene Blue Paints

Blue is the most popular color in the world so it’s always on-trend in one fashion or another.  The blues you’ll be seeing in 2022 will be rich and colorful or light and serene.  Tradewind is a great bathroom color that feels relaxed and effortless.  If you’re looking for something bolder then consider using something like Marea Baja on your cabinets or walls. We think there will be a slight transition towards the end of this year towards bolder, fun colors that bring a lot of personality so don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter and go for colors you might usually shy away from.


Paint Color Trends for 2022

2022 is the season of earth tones and we are absolutely loving it.  These colors are timeless, versatile, and calming.  We suspect we’ll see more and more color combinations that feature a softer contrast.  This will be a big change from the sharp contrast we saw during the modern farmhouse era.  At the end of the day, paint colors are always personal and will come down to what you gravitate towards.  Don’t be afraid to go against the current trends if they don’t support your vision or the goals you have for your home. For more information be sure to follow us over on TikTok where we will be providing color tips and trends!

2022 Paint Color Trends