White is a classic staple color for interior paint projects. It is one of the most versatile colors because it creates a blank canvas that works to brighten and refresh a variety of spaces. If you have ever been into a paint store though, you’ve seen how many different shades of white there are. The nuanced differences between each white can make it difficult to choose a white paint color confidently.  We’re here to help ease your mind with a curated list of predictions for the top white paint colors we expect to see in 2023.


Sherwin Williams Top Whites 2023


From left to right; Creamy, Origami White, Pure White, Greek Villa


Creamy SW 7012 


Creamy is exactly as it sounds; a warm white that feels velvety and rich. It reminds us of a cake frosting that doesn’t feel stark or cold. Creamy is a warmer white that has yellow undertones so it’s what we might consider a soft white. This is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s sophisticated and fresh without feeling sterile. Creamy pairs well with dark, cool, and warmer colors. Compared to a pure white, you still have a nice dimensional layering look. This is why Creamy makes our list because it has just a bit of warmth without looking too yellow. If you want something a bit warmer than Creamy then we recommend Sherwin Williams Dover White SW 6285 because it offers a lot of that same warmth without quite as much depth.


Origami White SW 7636 


Origami White is still on the neutral spectrum of whites and would be considered an off-white. It has a slightly greige undertone which helps it feel modern and fresh. This color goes on beautifully because it’s not too warm and not too cool, but rather that perfect in-between shade. Compared to another Sherwin Williams classic, Alabaster SW 7008, Origami White offers a bit more interest and dimension. This would pair nicely with exposed brick or earthy elements rather than a bright white because it offers a harmonious flow and can tie into those earth tones with its slight gray undertones. Use it as an all-over color for your walls to tie spaces together.  Pair it with a sharp white like Pure White on your trim for a nice contrast or use it on both walls and trim for a subtle french finish. 


Pure White SW 7005 


Pure White is one of the most used exterior and interior whites from Sherwin Williams and sets the standard for a sharp, classic white. It’s a great choice for ceilings and trim but can also be used as a base color. Pure White is a bright white that is crisp, clean, and cool compared to Origami White or Creamy. This isn’t a color you often see used on the exterior body of a home since it is so stark but if you’re looking for the whitest white then this is a great option.  We do not recommend going brighter than this on the exterior or interior of your home because it can appear a bit washed out or dull and you may start to lose coverage with brighter options.


Greek Villa SW 7551 


Greek Villa is a fan favorite with clients and our in-house color specialists. We love this white because it’s a little warmer and creamier than Pure White without appearing yellow but it has a lot of impact on a large surface area. Greek Villa is quite bright in person so we would always recommend testing it out before committing because it can be much brighter than anticipated. We love painting the interior of houses in this color if our clients’ vision is a crisp white that remains inviting. Greek Villa has less gray than Alabaster and has very subtle undertones of beige. 


A kind reminder that lighting has a large impact on how colors appear, especially on the interior of your home. Every color has a light reflective value and the higher the number the brighter it is going to be. If you have soft yellow light bulbs in your home, you will likely see more yellow hues reflecting on your white. If you have white light bulbs then white paint may appear more cool-toned. That being said, light bulbs are an easy way to change how your paint appears so if you’re struggling to love your color we suggest looking at your lighting sources before repainting.


Benjamin Moore Top White Paint Colors 2023


From left to right; Simply White, White Dove, Swiss Coffee


Another brand of paint with amazing white color options which are well-loved by clients is Benjamin Moore.  Benjamin Moore has made a reputation for itself in the industry as offering rich, dynamic colors that are difficult to match in other brands.  Here are some of our favorite and most popular white paint colors from Benjamin Moore.  


Simply White OC – 117  


Simply White is a stunning, sharp white that has a loyal fanbase amongst homeowners and designers alike. This color is great because it can be paired with warm or cool tones. It’s a perfectly striking white and if you are looking for high contrast without being too blinding, this is your color. Simply white is perfect for exterior or interior paint projects. Controversially, our color consultants even prefer this over the heavily favored Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore because it offers greater coverage and a warmer, more welcoming finish.


White Dove OC-17


White Dove is a classic white that forever will remain elegant and timeless. It’s warm, inviting, and feels like a sophisticated option for any space. It’s a white that is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular whites and has a lot of staying power so it never feels outdated or aged. This is perfect for interior walls, exterior body, or even on trim. White Dove has a greige undertone to it as well, but it never gets too cold. This light touch of gray helps the color feel like a modern and updated twist on a traditional white.


Swiss Coffee OC-45


If you’re looking for an off-white option then look no further.  Swiss Coffee is a white that is a slightly warmer option when compared to White Dove and Simply White. It elicits a feeling of warmth and coziness that suits most homes and spaces. It’s a versatile white that would pair well with a sharp white trim on an interior. It gives you a soft, balanced contrast where you’re still able to see the variation between the two colors. Swiss Coffee is also a great option for kitchen cabinets rather than the stark white that was popular years ago.  Elevate your kitchen with a timeless color that pairs well with cool and warm tones.


We hope you feel inspired and ready to take on what can be the daunting task of choosing a white paint color. We always recommend getting actual test samples and painting them on a piece of posterboard so you can look at the colors throughout the day. This step helps you get a feel for how the color will appear under different lighting conditions within your space. Remember that whites are highly reflective so your choice of light bulbs and surrounding colors or features can have a large impact on how these colors appear within your home.


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