Paint Color Trends for 2023

A new year always brings with it a shift in paint colors and home style trends. Just like with fashion trends, it can start to feel like paint colors are always coming in and out of style but often times designers and color consultants are reusing the same colors in new and exciting ways.  If you’re painting this year and your goal is to choose something that feels fresh and stylish then this is the article for you.  Keep reading to learn about all of the paint color trends we’re predicting for 2023.

Colors from left to right; Redend Pint SW 9081, Rosemary SW 6187, Chatura Gray SW 9169, Cool Beige SW 9086

Earth Tones

The color forecasts from big brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both predicted earth tones would be huge in 2023 and so far, they haven’t disappointed.  Grounded, earthy colors began gaining traction last year as we shifted from the stark whites and navy blues of 2019 and 2020.  This year, trending paint colors seem to be taking much of their inspiration from bohemian styles that aren’t overly complicated.  Colors like Redend Point SW 9081, Rosemary SW 6187, Chatura Gray SW 9169, and Cool Beige SW 9086 are taking center stage because they bring the outdoors in, adding a pop of color that feels casual and effortless.  

Earthy greens, browns, beiges, and rusty reds are great for bringing warmth to a space and adding that natural element.  These colors pair well with warm whites to add a bit of interest, as well as layers of texture such as stone, wood, and textured fabrics.

Colors from left to right; Black Magic SW 6991, Carnelia SW 7580, Mount Etna SW 7625, Urbane Bronze SW 7048

Dark Interiors

On the other end of the spectrum, we have seen a huge demand for dark, dramatic interior colors.  We’re talking black, deep blue, and rich plum walls, ceilings, and even trim (but more on that later).  As we said, 2019 had a lot of clients going all white on their interiors which by now may be feeling a little dull and lacking personality.  So, it’s no surprise that many of our clients have opted to go for looks that feel bold and moody, looking to create cozy spaces that feel like they’re enveloping you and your guests.

To achieve this look you can go big with all-over color or take baby steps with an accent wall here or there.  This style works particularly well with very modern homes that feature sharp lines and crisp features or homes where each room is really sectioned off.  For open floor plans, you can still join in on the fun by highlighting key features with accent walls.  Colors we’re loving for this deep and dramatic look are Black Magic SW 6991, Carnelia SW 7580, Mount Etna SW 7625, and Urbane Bronze SW 7048

Dark interior trim colors

Colors from left to right; Iron Ore SW 7069, Dark Night SW 6237, Bohemian Black SW 6988

Dark Trim

For some, dark walls just aren’t it but surprisingly we’ve seen an uptick in clients interested in exploring dark trim and doors with lighter walls.  The contrast of dark trim with light walls is unexpected and intriguing, to say the least, but this style can be quite the commitment.  Trim does tend to get the most wear and tear within homes which is why you most often see white trim which helps hide imperfections.  Darker trim will draw attention to those areas so make sure you use an appropriate sheen and product like Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel so your new trim and doors can hold up to regular use. 

You can absolutely go for a classic black like Tricorn Black but this is also a great opportunity to play a bit more.  Consider something like Iron Ore SW 7069, Dark Night SW 6237, or Bohemian Black SW 6988 to really take your trim to the next level.

Colors from left to right; Narragansett Green HC-157, Patchwork Plum SW 0022, Roman Column SW 7562

All Over Color

The final trend we’ll be covering is actually inspired by the French and entails painting your walls, trim, and ceilings all one color.  This color trend feels elegant and timeless while allowing the paint color to really shine.  We prefer slightly muted colors that feel rich and luxurious rather than bright, bold, and playful colors.  Think colors like Narragansett Green HC-157 or Patchwork Plum SW 0022 but it can also work well with warm whites such as Roman Column SW 7562.  Stay away from whites that are too stark or gray colors that feel dull as they can read a little flat.

Try this trend in a bathroom, bedroom, dining room, or even a study to create a cozy and inviting space that feels intentional and elevated.


Color Trends for This Year

Trends will come and go but if a certain paint color trend really speaks to you then it’s absolutely worth trying it out.  Paint is a fun and easy way to dramatically change a space. For even more paint color trends and home design inspiration be sure to follow us on Instagram