Top 4 Curated Contemporary Exterior Color Schemes


Spring is right around the corner which means the start of the exterior paint season here in Colorado.  Finding the perfect color combination for the exterior of your home can be a challenge since there are so many factors to consider.  Things like stone or brick features, roof color, direction, and even the color of your neighbor’s homes will impact which colors will suit your home best.  One of our favorite tools to use with clients is our curated list of exterior color combinations that took our designers over two years to nail down!  We’re so proud of these color schemes and want to share just a few of them to get the inspiration flowing. 


From left to right; Light French Gray, Greek Villa, and Peppercorn

Sophisticated Gray Exterior


You can’t think of contemporary and not think of a classic gray house.  There are a lot of feelings out there right now about whether gray is popular but you can’t deny its staying power.  Light French Gray from Sherwin Williams is an ideal body color because it’s very neutral; not too warm or cool toned which means it can work with a variety of features. We’ve paired it here with Greek Villa for a sharp pop of contrast and Peppercorn which is ideal for doors and shutters.  It’s quite a bit softer and more modern than a classic black which helps keep this scheme feeling overall soft and clean.

From left to right; Shoji White, Iron Ore, and Debonair

Modern Farmhouse Exterior


The modern farmhouse style has become increasingly popular over the years and we love this unique take on it.  One of the biggest challenges with achieving the modern farmhouse style is that most homes are not modern farmhouses so the colors can feel a little disjointed, especially when you go for the very stark contrast with a true white and true black.  To overcome this challenge we recommend you aim for a gentler take on the classic black and white.  We absolutely love Shoji White on the exterior of homes because it’s got a beautiful balance of warm and cool undertones.  It feels really modern and fresh without feeling stark or cold.  We’ve paired it here with Iron Ore which is a really interesting black from Sherwin Williams that has a touch of gray but there are some other options that also work depending on your roof color.  With this very neutral scheme you can really do any accent color you like but we’ve paired it with Debonair for a fun playful pop.


From left to right; Evergreen Fog, Alabaster, and Dark Night

Earthy Green Exterior


We’ve had more and more clients requesting green homes and although we love the trend, we do know that choosing the right green can be a bit of a difficult task.  Some greens are too bright and playful which is why we highly recommend Evergreen Fog from Sherwin Williams.  This was the 2022 color of the year and it’s a wonderful muted green with a slightly gray undertone.  Having a gray undertone in a color is great for the exterior of your home because it helps ground the color and allows it to work more harmoniously with stone or brick elements.  Our color consultants have paired it here with a soft white Alabaster trim color and Dark Night as the accent.  Dark Night is a deep blue-black with a touch of green so it feels harmonious but still interesting when paired with the green body color. 


From left to right; Slate Tile, Pure White, and Peppercorn

Slate Blue Exterior


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, blue is the most common “favorite color” in the world.  With that in mind, there’s no surprise that blue is another commonly requested exterior paint color.  For that contemporary, fresh look we usually turn to Slate Tile from Sherwin Williams.  It’s deep and rich but the slight gray undertone helps keep it from looking too bright.  For this color combination, we went with a crisp, sharp white with Pure White on the trim.  This helps create really nice contrast and brings out the depth of the body color.  We wanted to keep this exterior color scheme contemporary and timeless so we went with Peppercorn as the accent color but you could absolutely switch that out for many different colors.


Exterior Color Schemes for Contemporary Homes


We hope this helps get you inspired for your own house painting project.  If you’re looking for a house painter in the Denver metro area then please consider getting a quote from our sister company, Kind Home Painting Co.  All Kind Home clients do have access to a complimentary color consultation from one of our certified color designers so definitely check that out!  You can also get more color scheme inspiration over on our Instagram.